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(Someone may want to send your gripe about what is being tried to Pissed Consumer. )

Unless something is copyrighted and posted people have the right to share reviews. --The key is review. It's strange to think SPS Reviews can make "reviews" about people, yet can not be reviewed. That simply is not true. On the bright side, at least to my knowledge no one has posted bs claims about Hope or a memeber killing dogs, such as the illegal slander on spsvf. To the posters making these threads be careful not to take stuff from the site please.

However, if you are slandered you honestly can go for a lawsuit and be $ compensated. Hope will not get away with allowing slander, if somebody just acts upon it. Now that someone posted British Police are involved would be great of your lawyer (s) will contact them, as it seems that may be where "Hope" resides. Being proactive is always a good thing before the posts are removed, however there will always be a trace. When something is opened up to the public you most definitely have that right to take that to your attorney and if this goes in the direction it is looking like Hope will not remain obsure for much longer.

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Sps Review Forum was from beginning on a scam!

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1125997

Review sites can be good for consumers, if they are true reviews. Most consumers rely on reviews.

Sps review Forum, I believe, started out with good intentions in mind and they went too far and extreme, with comments such as "all online workers are scammers", or thinking that just because one

or two had a negative experience the worker was a scammer, or thinking a client is responsible for a worker's work , or lack thereof, etc. As such ppl. need a renue to be able to vent about those unfair biases.

Many people want to stay stuck in past and feed into all the negativity. There are people who have moved forward, and have a whole new perspective on life.

I escaped from all this mud and muck some time back and want to get

back to drawing positivity, as I think some others do too.

It is frustrating that a poster who keeps posting of everybody being the same ppl., or is connected to other sites or sellers. I have stated before why you would want to replicate something you dislike from the sps review forum is just not

making any sense, at all. IF and I realize that is an if they are getting back to reviews and not just claiming everyone is a scam, that's good. However, when they do make changes to include other workers than Yaya Maria, which seemed to be the biggest complaint, those workers are also bashed.

That is just wrong. I am willing to speak to the police (U.S., or British), if slander continues, or if you have honestly tried to work it out with Hope (if you are not a scammer) and are getting nowhere and only because my posts are on there.You can email me on MaggieLeed996 - on Yahoo.

It appears some enjoy arguing and so I will leave you to do so.


Do you know about fair use?? Fair use is a legal doctrine that permits the use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders!

to Anonymous Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1124519

No, not heard of that, but the longer I live seems the more there is to learn. However, I thought there were copyright laws, idk.

What is do know for sure is slander is illegal & ruins lives and that is being allowed on the SPS Review Forum. There are protective laws that are against that .

to Anonymous #1125182

fair use only says limited use of copyrighted material

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1124397

Sorry typos-if I meant and obscure, but sure the main points can be understood.

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