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SPS Review Forum is Celebrating 5 Years of scamming people!

Congratulations Hope! You made it 5 years without getting arrested!

In the last five years it is believed that over a half-million people have been scammed as a results of trusting the comments hosted on

Hope (a.k.a Melissa Miller) has an estimated worth of 6.4 Million. She currently lives in a house valued at around 1.8 million and drives a Mercedes-benz AMG SL63 as reported by private investigators.

All of her wealth was accumulated through fraud and scamming people using as her tool for deception and social manipulation.

The internet never forgets. Google “SPS Review Forum Scam” and you will find reports about the horrific crimes committed by this woman and her websites.

She runs an online forum where ALL of the profiles are controlled and operated by one person. She is a criminal who take advantage of human behavior to gain your trust. Chances are you stumbled upon her website while you were looking for reviews on another psychic (The Venus Flytrap Effect). Naturally you read the comments on SPSReviewForum which overwhelmingly says your psychic is a scam.

Fear is Lucrative

Scammers are good at selling fear. Now that Hope (SPSReviewForum) has convinced you to stay clear of the psychic you were just reviewing, it’s time for the comments on her forum, through social manipulation, to lure you to their “Most Trusted Psychics and Spell Workers”.

Little do you realize the “Most Trusted Psychics and Spell Workers” mentioned on her forum are owned and operated by Hope (Melissa Miller). Truth be told! She is no psychic or spell worker. Far from it! She is a criminal (***-artist) using social influence to steal your hard earned money. None of the comments hosted on her forum are real. They were fabricated to manipulate you into trusting specific people for help.

Here is a list of websites she owns. Keep in mind, she may be hiding under other websites:

If you are you a victim, you are encouraged to contact the FTC, the FBI or your local police department immediately.

Active Criminal Investigation on SPS Review Forum.

Class-action Lawsuit – We have filed a class-action lawsuit against SPS Review Forum.

Resolution of Class-action Lawsuit: We are seeking $5, 000, 000 in damages. This incudes full refunds, closure of and the arrest of Melissa Miller (Hope). She will be held criminally responsible for her crimes.

Qualifications: For anyone who was misled by deceptive reviews on SPS Review Forum which resulted in losing money.


Federal Trade Commission

600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20580

Telephone: (202) 326-2222

Reason of review: Misled by deceptive reviews on SPS Review Forum. Melissa Miller (Hope) is a fraud and full-time criminal.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Bullying, Deception-loss, Scam, Slander defamation, Social manipulation.

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Manassas, Virginia, United States #1047302

Strange..wonder if the below poster is really posted from 2 seperate areas, 1 of which I am in sometimes. Tara 2014 if you happen to come back on here please let me know why your posts posted from 2 locations.

Just making sure the sps posters are not trying to make though of us working on a resolve seem not thinking right.

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1046731

i guess this sire won't let me post alright then.

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1046730

gracias for the warning


to Tara2014 #1047739


I left you a message earlier. If you are following this thread please take a min.

to reply. Best of luck in the future with you business plans.

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1046729

gracias for the warnings. want to start a business in a few months.

heard stories of this site that shoots down new sellers.

have no money to waste. i pray they won't target me.


Texas City, Texas, United States #1046721

Gracias for what y'all are trying to do. I am hoping in time to get a web shop going soon.

Not out to steal but scared of this sps group.

Cost too much to set up to have to go down. Namaste


Ralitsa Kindalova (Rali) @Maghalena88 is "Hope",

owner of the shill SCAM site for her to make money.


Time for justice before "Hope" ruins the lives of others. It is despictable

the way she has gone after some who have spent their lives trying to help

others (though possibly not always succeeding.) She has attacked them in

the face of life crisis, ill health, deaths, etc.

She simply does not value

human life or feelings, as though spiritual workers are not even people of

value. I hope no one will retaliate in anyway excpt for seeking LEGAL JUSTICE and that does need to be done. At this point with all the defaming she has personally done and allowed from others on her forum, as though it's fact, it's fair that her information should be shared , so she can be held legally responsible. It's only then that people like her get what they really have done to others and she has been doing this for 5 years.

She has for years posted about the defamation of the sps review forum (redic.), when in reality she has defamed others to the point of slander, using real names, addresses, etc. and keeping it going so that it stays in Google. The Real Witch Doctor -Tata Dane will know who the real name of the owner and moderater of the scam site SPS Review Forum is. She was in fact speaking to him at the time when first complaints came out about her scam site, although she lied and said she was not not.

MMiller from VA was speaking to him and promoting Orisha Ashe, but unless she faked it well "Hope" seemed to be a different person. Have multiple email addresses from that time and earlier to share to expose the fraudster once and for all and stop her from hurting others. Some of the people on her forum just don't realize they are being manipulated because some have no lives and or support system and are wanting to fit in. There are quite a few people on the forum, but most of the old members left, as they grew tired of the bashing and constant negativity.

Even if there was or is no money exchange yes this owner of the scam/bash and trash forum can be held responsible financially, as it is her that decides what posts remain, giving some unfair advantage. However, it's now clear money is her agenda. (She only allows people to do business on her forum that pay..... think about it.) To those she has caused hurt in reputation or hurt their business earnings she can also be held responsible for that.

What happens usually is a settlement will be reached and a repayment plan set up. If she does not meet those payments she will be held accountable and that usually means jail time.

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