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According to this new video with proven facts it might be the end of Hope for good. be taken to end SPS and jail hope

. Once federal law enforcement see the videos . Swift action will The popular created and owned by Melissa Miller with the alias of "Hope" is a scam which forces readers to purchase from her own sites by suggesting them as liable and asks real spell casters/psychics to pay or their reputation will be tarnished.

SPSREVIEWFORUM.COM and SPIRITEDENTERPRISE.COM are registered with the same Registrar (IANA ID: 303); not by coincidence.


To "Hope": I am in no way a competitor or whatever else you are going to say to discredit my complaint. I am a victim. You stole my money, lied to me and left me for dead.

Hope, you are a fraud, charlatan and ***-artist who makes your living off deception and creating fake profiles on your forum to convince people (like myself) into trusting your recommended spell casters.

You cannot hide forever. I cannot wait to see you behind bars for the rest of your life.

Reason of review: Scam.

Monetary Loss: $746.

Preferred solution: End Website SPS.

I didn't like: Scam.

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Below is just another example of how the sps review forum went awry. Today they not only expose scammers, they think everyone is scamming and go on attacks of members, former members, former spiritual workers, etc.

It's just a big bathtub of negativity and hatefulness. Some of the old posters were, or at least I thought, really nice. Some today are just negative Nellies wishing bad for others. It's really sickening and shows no cooth.

The posts grew more vile and derogatory. To the below poster karma has a way of coming back when you wish bad for others.


Jadalove, you're insane...Im so happy your ex bf got away from you when he did

to Anonymous #1161929

Anonymous to "Jadalove", again one of you sps reviewers is 100 percent wrong, off the mark, not even close to coming to a correct conclusion. Go back to your drawing board.

Whomever this jadalove is she may have lost her b. f., but your assumption is not something most would classify as sane.

Did you even bother checking out the video?!

This comes from a past spell caster Hope sh-aaat upon.


No feedback from the FTC?


Any News Yet?


Lol, guess it became much too crazy that most gave up. I get that.

Missouri City, Texas, United States #1132810

Hope just approved my account. I was post here my findings of the locked discussions.

to FBIAPPROVE #1134017

"FBIAPPROVE" Really this is the best you could come up with? It went from logical, to weird, to crazy, now pathethic.

to Anonymous Missouri City, Texas, United States #1134098

Hahaha! Hope is upset?

Too bad you don't like when people lurk on your forum while you are defaming others to scam people out of money. It's really funny you are a *** *** in your new members section.

Laugh all the way with your new member questionnaire to *** out the fake and you bought me my answers. Yes , Hope you are pathetic.

to Hopeis*** #1134228

What did that Hope do in her question section? Fake answers hmmm.


I have a question? Has anyone screen shot an email that Hope sent to use someone else?


Aren't all these casters say entertainment purposes only? That would make all of this false

to Anonymous #1131215

That's a requirement by law, in some places, since it's an intangible service. There are many ppl.

who have not ever had any revealing thing manifest, so they say, and I have no reason to doubt them. I have had some experiences where I have been told things that there is no way anyone could research it and it happened just like was told to me, thus allowing me to know someone was able to connect to someone of the other side and also have future predictions manifest down to small details and know personally quite a few others that have too. In life I don't think we are all supposed to have the same experiences and what kinda helps to make life interesting.

Given the two examples above one would thing it's fake, for me I can tell you it's been very real, for me.

This is what I don't get though..if someone does not believe in psychics or spiritual work, mind power, etc. why invest time in it, even putting it down? To me it would be like I don't like meat eating, so I will spend all my extra time in life ragging on the meat eaters. It makes as much sense as that.

Yet..look at the comment someone has given it a plus, someone a downed arrow. It's a legit question, but instead of ppl.

excepting a difference of opinion it's just their way.

to Anonymous #1131224

Oops...Hope mails from the sps reviews site. Just take it to a lawyer and or court house and let them figure it out.

I kinda think I know who it is, but not 100 percent sure. After sharing with others some ppl. who may not be responsible were put on blast.

There are men in the UK using women's user names, so just let the law figure it out. That way no mistakes are made.

to Anonymous #1131448

It's taxed income. Defamation about a business that harms earnings is reason to seek loss from any poster or review site.

to Anonymous #1131562



UK defamation law reforms took effect from start of 2014

Defamation Act 2013


Found this...

"Slander should never be tolerated by anyone and you don't ever have to put

up with it.

Slander is a form of defamation and it is the act of making a claim against another individual or business that are harmful and incorrect but presented as factual.

To sue for slander is very easy. Take screenshots of the posts that were made along with any responses.

Write Your Complaint and once you have finished drafting your complaint, take it to the court house to file it (filing fee can range anywhere from twenty five to one hundred dollars). The

more people you can prove read or spread the lies, the higher the monetary damages will be." ----------------------------------------------------- Look into this. After reading many legal sites I do think it's so, especially with the strict rules in the UK. Logic has not been listened to thus far, but if you present a bunch of tall tales to court it will be you who gets in legal trouble, so make sure to present FACTS.

Reviews and slander are 2 different things and yes it is a website owner's responsibility to disallow libel.

Moderation is certainly done when suited to benefit the mass thinking on that site, so that excuse will not fly. Might Want to Look Up Wikipedia Civil_Procedure_Rules


Quit the lieing. You are making it so that would make it so no one that is/was falsely labled, or libeled ever gets justice.

An owner of a review site can permit and encourage unfair injustices and turn array, but you are one squirrely, acorn, getting on everyone's last nerve with your tall tales, that reduce the chance of any resolve. Heard of The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Could have been written for you!

Everything to you is such an exaggeration that you look super special and NOT in a good way...."CNN, lost thousands and thousands, The infamous Hope, left for dead, entire life savings, etc." All you are doing is pushing business her way.

Seriously quit being the nutter! Are you daft dude? Others can read how the site started for themselves. If you would just quit lieing, go to a lawyer and have them take your complaint to a UK lawyer and shut it once in awhile, or at least learn to tell the truth, the world would be a little happier.

I was on your side, but at his point you have even made me feel bad for Hope. What a years on end stalker, you are! Blah, blah, no substance, all yada, yada, nonsense.

People are just laughing at your crazy posts - "Coo, Coo, Ca Chew" Your lies are so blatantly over the top and obvious!


The FBI, DOJ and FTC has SPSREVIEWFORUM under investigation. Why would they be investigating if they were not a fraud?

Search google and what pops up are millions of scam reports all linked to Hope - the criminal mastermind behind spsreviewforum

Its not a review site, its a tool used to scam millions out of their hard earned money.

I am a victim of their forum.

I lost over £8000... my entire life savings.

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1130540

I will tell you what really happened is that Hope started that

site with good intentions.

Read for yourself you will see.

I posted this before, but if you will take

the time to read it you will see that I am being truthful.


THURSDAY MAY 3 2007 Profesor Jorge is the same as Donald Yung Scammers a plenty started coming on the board so she started the spellscams which later turned into sps review forum. Then you had type a personalities that came on there wanting to make it public and only their ppl. were good, suggesting readings on spirits by competing sellers a and a whole different, meaner vibe presented.

Hope is def. not faultless, because she went along with it and when I exited. She started the forum, so she was responsible for that unfair and very biased turn around. Now today it may be straight up scam, idk.

I do know you are making Hope so much more important than she really is. Anyone can start a forum. I do very much think she is from the UK, or has spent time there. I reconize many of those posters they were all posting around the same time.

If you lost money and you are not a scammer sue and reclaim what should have been yours.

Once more I am advising all to stick to truth and only truth.

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