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SPS (Spsreviewforum) is still running a massive scam throughout the internet scamming millions out of money.

First of all, I have not been contacted in anyway by Hope or fake user name investigator .She or He also has someone else's information not my mine. Hopefully, the person will take screenshots to share with the Police.

I along with other legit spiritual workers are being attacked by Hope and her many fake user accounts. Hope has wasted much time trying to link my name with "Indeed not real "she" (Xara) is actually "Mimi" from,". We all know this is lie from the scam to confuse people.

Her newest account is called 'investigator' as we can see this person is suffering from a mental illness pretending to be multiple people. If you look in Hope's New Post on the right hand side of her scam forum. You can clearly see fraud exposed paying attention to her accounts, log in times, etc investigator, Hope, joeyt1969, investigator * All Are HOPE!

I have copied and downloaded all the information from the forum even if he try's to edit anything.

One of Hope's greatest fear is *Attention being given to RIP OFF REPORTS / COMPLAINTS.

Notice in her Defamation thread she always says "

Re: Defamation Campaign against the SPSReviewForum

It is not worth to answer or engage with these people, they are the lowest of the low, we tried it years ago and it was a waste of time and energy, some members were hurt when their identity was disclosed by a low life scammer. I do not even read them anymore.

I look at it in another way, the time these scammers spend building fake pages and writing fake reports against the SPS forum is less time they have to create fake pages and scam people, business must be slow for many .... mission accomplished by SPS!"

So let's draw lots of attention to the reports to get Law Enforcement involved. Oh wait! They are involved FTC report has many emails and ips.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Ic3 Slander
  • Spsreivewforum
  • Sps Review Forum Fraud
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San Jose, California, United States #1218686

OMG! More and More information to expose Hope.

This is crazy about Hope playing a investigator lol. Must be desperate now.

I just read her two new rip off reports below.

I guess is only a short amount of time when gets booked on criminal charges.

I get now Hope is afraid the reports will go viral is why she doesn't want anyone to comment or bring attention to them.

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