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Hope is hiding under many fake accounts. Just recently Hope has returned as 'Joeyt1969' who is well known for showing Hope's mistakes and sloppy behavior exposing SPS as fraud.

Also not to mention 'divanyc' who has revealed the account has webmaster / administration rights . As you can see in the public discussion threads. Someone name donica gave a positive review on Terhas Fantastic, Accurate Reader By Phone ***(Psychic Reading ONLY)***

* Now if the user fake account 'divanyc' is not hope. How do they know donica has the same ip, city, and computer as the person they are defaming. I thought only 'Hope' SPS Administrator could see these details.

Spsreviewforum is one of the biggest, if not the biggest scam on the internet. About 98% of the comments are from accounts created by the same person (HOPE). The IP addresses of each post on her forum are the same. The only way they could all match is if the same person using the same computer was logging into them. Not to mention that whenever a comment is posted, 9 other comments follow almost immediately after.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Sps review forum.

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Fremont, California, United States #1128657

Hope is back as her normally user account (Hope). She is saying Scam Scam Scam 03-16-2016, 02:51 PM - Public Discussion Viewing

Also right before that Hope is pretending she paid a spell caster over $400 to defame them. Pretending that others are asking questions when we know it's Hope.



Over, England, United Kingdom #1116853

OMG! Hope has removed the thread completely. That screenshot you took or post is no longer on SPS.

So we know the *** is watching our comments here and hitting the dislike button.

We know Hope is worried that it's only a matter of time before she is caught and the end of this bs forum.

Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany #1116608

Now Hope wants the person's paypal email so she can say scam.

Re: Terhas -

Quote Originally Posted by Donica View Post

If you have are looking for insight to any aspect of your life you can make an appointment online for a phone appointment.

There are other readers available however I have only experienced reading with Terhas and they are quite accurate. She can incorporate tarot, numerology and astrology in your reading also. You can test out her five minute reading to decide for yourself.

Let her tell you whats going on, no need to tell her yourself.

How did you find her? Can you share her PayPal email?

to Anonymous Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1117881

I am not defending Hope, however that is a legit question. Sometimes sellers will use a separate email address for Paypal and at times that's one way true scammers have been detected, as in sellers going by different names but all leading to the same Paypal Address.

I did not give you the 1 down, btw, just explaining.

Hope is not that joeyt1969, but interesting about the "divanyc" and may lead somewhere. Maybe Google/Yahoo search those names and addresses someone posted. Really wish Hope would just delete all my posts, so I don't feel the need to defend those wronged.

I can just tell since it went so array that I backed her up in labeling some scammers that were not, by accident. There are scammers out there, but not as many as they claim.

to Anonymous Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1118015

'There are scammers out there, but not as many as they claim.'

That is 100 percent true and I stand by it despite the click down--lol. Not everyone will connect to each person the same, sellers get sick and/or have their own life trials and sometimes (not saying always) a person is too eratic in their own behavior for anything to manifest.

In those cases it's most unfair to lable the worker as scam.

From the time one is 5 years old or less self accountability should be being instilled. If one has not learned it by adulthood that is no one's fault but their own.

to Anonymous Roubaix, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France #1118136

Well we know Hope wrote this saying you aren't defending her. Yeah stated the obvious.

The user name joeyt1969 is getting much attention and know you (hope) are trying hard to convince us it's not hope. It just shows hope you are very bi-polar and have many mental issues. Just stop with the madness.

You were caught the first day you started the scam forum . Over a period of time you have gotten sloppy and slipped in hiding yourself with fake user names like the ones mentioned in this post.

to juststophope Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1118156

OMG stop, you know I am not Hope. Are you tripping balls or what?!

Clearly I did not know Hope, as I thought I did, but she did not speak to ppl. like that guy's posts YOU copied and pasted. You have got to pull it together. You are seeming like a freaking lunatic with this everybody is the same person.

No they are not, despite what the little voices are telling you.

This is the poster they refer to as Maggie and you well know it. Not sure what the dealio is here. In one vein you seem reasonable, then go back saying "everybody is the same person." Good grief it must be an exhaustive existence if you really feel the way you post.

It won't matter if the unfairness is exposed if you continue to act so nutty nobody will go to you. Now I for one is not impressed by gender, so get it together dude and quit trying to drag a college age girl into this.

Most want truth. It is seeming like you just want to play games.

As for bipolar it is you now seeming like just stop and work from a place a place of truth. Truth always wins, not fabrications. If this is just a game to you, state it! Sure seems like it, cuz as soon as progress is being made you go all cray cray.

You know who wants to trust a squirrely acting spiritual worker? NO ONE!

Abercynon, Rhondda Cynon Taff, United Kingdom #1115878

Hope just approved my account a few days ago lol.

So far copying and investigating her locked discussions.

I can't believe the slander on sherry Scott and mama Sarah .

I believe joeyt1969 is hope. So much proof.

to hopenotsps #1204750

Sherry Scott and mama Sarah are legit ? I was seeking help from them but then I didn't at the end because of what I saw on SPS...


I think someone is impersonating me, unless it's the person that alerted me to this post. Please do not get me involved with this battle.

Their personal lives are not my concern and should not be your's. That is the kind of thing they were doing. If this is R funny, but this is a serious issue as they have hurt a lot of ppl.

Crazy post though, Conjureman Ali is not a fraud.

Guess they better go back to the drawing board. Even if he was on that forum he is not a fraud. Hope signed up under different names and used entrapment techniques.

How is that different?!; yet I bet Alicia does not think she is a fraud.

to Anonymous #1116381

This is my point here and I hope someone will listen. Some not all of the Sps Review Forum Members are really crazy and not just slightly off kilter either.

When they fixate on someone it is so beyond the point of obsession that it's crazy. Some downright lie and make up such tall tales that it would be laughable to most, but in their obsessive frenzy the extremists and bipolars on that site just can not grasp logic. They would rather think the badly of others than not because they are bitter people without social lives.

I have only mentioned this a gazillion times but I wish I had never ever happened upon that site and had no idea of how crazy it would turn.

Really read the ROR reports, you have someone on there telling Ali to kill himself, another talking about throat punching a reader who had bad service and another person speaking of taking classes to make spell casters or readers who they deem as scam lives more miserable. You can tell some are highly psychotic, as shown in their posts.

You guys need to go to your police stations and file reports if you are still being slandered. Yes I am sure the videos and reports help, but evidently this is small potatoes to the IC3 and FTC .

You'll need legal help because I do not think you can get through to crazies on the net.

I thought they were were getting more in line with what Hope claimed was her original purpose of that site, but does not sound like it. IF you are being defamed take action. I do see an Alicia on those names ??

Check that and a person in Malaysia, but go to your local police even if you are not from the states where the site is registered. The site started, I believe Sept. 8, 2010. The police can get to the bottom of it.

Threats like they make show the mob mentality.

I used to feel badly for some of of them, but those that adopted this mean person mentality need to be looked into as they do not sound safe for society.

to Anonymous Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1123076

I think you guys should really check for sure to see if you are or still being slandered or not, before going to your local police station. After all the falsities about ppl.

being one and the same I honestly do not know.

I know at one time there was terrible untruths and downright defamation going on, but that may or may not have stopped.

I can not even make sense of what turned into a crazy thread due to someone, or ones, making all kinds of false statements, so I would definitely make sure first before you go to the police when it could be assumptions and the rant of someone who seems unclear in thoughts.

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1115809

Joeyt1969 admits he is into *** ***. You are dealing with a bunch of weirdos on the Sps Review forum and they think they can judge others wahaha.

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