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Hope of SPS scammed me out of $1,700 as Yona! Ugh! I knew she was fake and the readings were not true tried to convince with the universe *** why her spells didn't work. I have said every email and took screenshots to show my local police.

She also put my personal information on her forum when I asked for my money back you can trace email header trace to expose the person's IP.

I just saw in the video that y

Just like everyone else says this *** is a scam. Pretending to be a made up person Yona!

This *** even creates fake accounts on any complaint boards about her"Raziel786 -1 Votes

Man who ever is writing these so called "bad" reviews really need grow up. People are accusing Hope and SPSReviewForum for promoting scams? If they are promoting scams then how come there's a lot of mutual agreement with them and a website like CreepyHollows? Take Lisa Hankins, Spirited Enterprise, in which both SPS and Creepy Hollows vouch for. Its evident that SPSReviewForum has a no bull *** tolerance, so whoever this person is doing a smear campaign against SPSReviewForum is clearly nothing more then a butt hurt scam artist that got exposed on this very forum. Why havent you taken Yona, or Hope to court, or the police? Both their IP addresses indicate they are from Europe, and if they are responsible for fraud, why not take them up on them? Surely if credit card companies and paypal are constantly getting disputes against Yona, something would have happened by now. If your mind cant even comprehend the basic fundamentals of how credit cards and disputes work, why should anyone take your word for a person who is doing nothing but good for people who are in emotional distress? Lets make a further point clear, magic and tarot readings are never GUARANTEED results, and I bet not a single one of these so called "bad reviewers" can summon a person can guarantee results, and if they can, they are completely unheard of from the top metaphysical websites. Dont try to trump someones fame just because you got exposed like a little twit that you are."

Product or Service Mentioned: Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Slander defamation.

  • Sps Review Forum Fraud
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Hope we know you are not from 'Edinburg, Virginia'. lol

It's obvious the same person since Hope posts includes but not limited to: Acorn the nutter, Eggs, nut, etc

Must feel bad being alone with no family or anyone to love you Hope?

Don't worry someone in your jail cell will give you alot of loving soon.

to Yona12 #1176338

lol dude really does think everyone is hope rofl

Nevada City, California, United States #1166670

Beware Hope has created more fake user names to defame! It's the same routine over and over again.

She just inactive my account since I said Yona is fake and no results for 60 days now.

The FTC has contacted me. Agent is suppose to contact me about the details on pending cases against SPS.

Thank God this nightmare will be over soon.


Cant you guys just asked that anything you posted on that site or was posted about you be taken off?

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1158011

I guess I sound snarky, but I so dislike to try and help someone out to have them go on to hurt others. Felt this happened before with Hope and now you.

Wish ppl. would just understand that jumping to quick and wrong conclusions, or smear campaigns is nothing but destructive and damaging.

After awhile even the nicest of ppl. have had their fill of the ugliness.


Speaking of the kiss of death..."Tina12" (lol) "you can fool some people some of the time, but not all people all of the time", or haven't you heard? You sure are busy spreading lies, but not doing anything constructive.

I just don't get how doing the same thing year after year would be fulfulling. If you wanted resolve you really would have filed reports and more importantly gotten a lawyer, but then what in heavens would you do in life?


I Googled to see if anymore false complaints about Yona Ferrel being Hope were posted and strangely it appears that SPS review forum has a post that appears they are advertising to purchase a reading from Yona Ferrel. Not sure why Hope approved that!??

Things like that were not allowed on that forum years ago.

I do not think Yona Ferrel was encouraging that and instead it was a poster, but it gives off the impression of being fishy. Website review site owners should be careful, so a post is not the kiss of death for a seller, and I think most are.

Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany #1155800

Wait! Since I wasn't invited to the party.

I am logged in now on sps forum. 'Joeyt1969' (Hope)is going crazy again on Yona thread. This entire situation with fake 'Yona' is getting out of hand.

I would just same all the evidence and your bank transactions that leads to a address that would be better that arguing back and forth with this crazy person Hope. She is coming on this forum because she knows she is in trouble .


You are one whackadoodle. Yeah Hope was wrong to have falsehoods and biases on her site, but if you were not a SCAMMER.

your mother failed to teach you not to lie, or she tried and you were too nutty, Acorn. You have to be pushing 60 years of age, by your appearance in your first videos, yet you are one serious stalker and teller of tall tales.

You need help in the form of a mental evaluation. At this point you are worse than Hope, by far.

to Anonymous #1155771

You would not be slamming other sellers if you were not a scammer. Ummkay talk text did not work.

Why don't you volunteer at a soup kitchen or go visit the elderly? Your stalking is just showing how very desperate you are for attention. It's been evident game playing is all you do. You have attacked Hope, Spells and Wishes, Mimi May, Yaya Maria and now Yona.

You place everybody as being Hope, including me, which is just silly and ***. Get a life and tame your stalking compulsion.

It's very, very odd and at your age just sad and pathetic.

New York, New York, United States #1155728

You are correct on tracing email headers. When Hope sends a fake email with fake name look suspicious .

Before responding first trace the email header. It's very easy to do. Once you get the results take them to your local police department. They will handle it!

Trust Me.

Too bad is Mother's day and Hope is still scamming people. I guess Hope's mother never love d her or him so she scams people.

Fredericktown, Missouri, United States #1155568

OMG! I had the same issue with this scam Yona aka Hope.

Thanks for the instructions in the new video. Hope as Yona can be traced by Google "trace email header". Which reveals her location, isp, etc.

Looking at the comments we know its Hope (acorns, nug, eggs).

Maybe when caught they can plead insanity in their defense. I believe you ! She keeps changing her user location to throw us off her trail. Hope too bad trying to steer attention away from the complaints..

It's a good thing I gave the email trace header data along with the emails Yona as hope sent me to police and the FBI. I can't wait to finally see who is behind SPS.

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1155063

Whahaha looks like "Acorn" gone on another nutter. it would be a blast to hear u and Hope in a convo. You both could do a 7 degrees of psychics, or spellcasters thing, like the Kevin Bacon 7 degrees; but it would be all wrong, yet enertaining.

Laguna Niguel, California, United States #1154006

I knew it was you Hope! Same person from complaints board when you got discovered as Yona.

Of course you would come here and comment to defend your scam. My bank will get the funds back from my bank and launch an investigation with the police.

to Police2016 #1154022

Squirrely Much! Coo Coo Ca Choo.

You are The Walrus, You are The Acorn...haha, true dat!

Wrong, was not me on the complaints board. My pc was down, but I also took a break from all this craziness.

You and Hope seem to be eachother's Just Karma. Certainly you both assume everybody is the same person, or that everyone else is lying, which is WEIRD!

to Anonymous Laguna Niguel, California, United States #1154026

Yona you are very sick person! Pretending to be something you are not stealing money from families hurting people.

We all know you are the crazy person.

How did you know what I said from complaints if you did leave a comment to defend yourself as Hope??? Is it that hard to find a good paying job these days instead of scamming?

to Police #1154029

You are The Eggman, You are The Acorn!!! :)


Oh geeze. This has Acorn written all over it.

I thought you were going to get a lawyer. Once again you have a person, so not Hope connected in your mind as her. Nope, nope, nope!

Why can't you stay focused? It appears that you are so jealous over anyone else's positive review that you start to spread lies about them.

First it was Orisha. Ashe and now Yona.

It's quite evident jealousy is your motive, at this point and why everyone else quit trying to help you.

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